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Optimum Concrete Chemistry Company with registration number 193882 started its production activity more than a decade ago and has always been among the leaders in the supply of chemical additives and concrete in Iran by producing and providing concrete products and additives in accordance with the standards. Considering the development and possibilities of communicating with information networks in the world, this company has tried to present the characteristics of its products in accordance with the latest achievements of the standards of the advanced countries of the world.
Holding conferences in cooperation with the research center of the Housing Organization and participating in international construction exhibitions, we have provided and developed the use of today's world technologies with practical methods and methods of its use in the engineering community of Iran...

Products Categorization

Concrete Additives
Ready mortars and carpentry
Mastics and sealants
Other chemical minerals

executive services

Implementation of cement and epoxy grouts

Implementation of damming of reservoirs and pools

Implementation of waterproof facade and wall

Implementation of ceramic tiles

Implementation of the new drainage system

Implementation of internal and external insulation of the building

Implementation of interior color

Implementation of special and resistant concretes

Flooring of the hall and area

Implementation of repair and retrofitting

Optimum Concrete Chemical Company has provided you with some of the important services, projects and companies we have cooperated with in the form of a resume in the form of a PowerPoint file, which you can download via the button below.


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